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Perhaps imagination is only intelligence having fun. 

~ George Scialabba


Marketing Communications


Graphic Design and Product Photography

The complete scope of marketing communications and promotions can be created to help your business grow. Projects can be done economically
from start to finish including:

  • Planning and concept

  • Graphic design and desktop publishing

  • Photography and image retouching and manipulation

  • Web site design and development

  • Printing

Projects can include:

  • Brochures, flyers and mailers

  • Advertising - print and web

  • Photography

  • Events and promotions

  • Electronic communications

  • Web site design and execution
    ... and much more

Online Marketing Promotion

Internet Marketing Promotions


Byron Ritter Biography


Byron Ritter has enjoyed a broad history of education, training, and career experiences… including his most recent service of providing Marketing Promotions and Communications assistance to a wide variety of organizations. Byron is able to integrate his vast knowledge and skills into activities including: copywriting, graphic design, commercial photography, printing, and all phases of marketing promotions and imagination.

Prior to Byron’s current foray into freelance and consulting he was the advertising manager for five years, at Ag-Chem Equipment Company, a $300,000,000-plus manufacturer of agricultural equipment and technology. His responsibilities included all phases of managing national marketing promotions and advertising. After a corporate takeover, Byron decided not to accept a promotion and transfer to Atlanta to strike-out on his own.

During the five years prior to working at Ag-Chem, Byron held positions with companies such as Target Corporation, and held other corporate and agency positions, which developed his creative skills and utilized his visual talents.

Byron’s career journey has also included ten years successfully operating his own graphics business. In the years prior to the inception of desktop publishing he provided commercial photography services to corporations ranging from Northwest Airlines to Honeywell. Byron embraced the burgeoning computer publishing technology and grew with it, utilizing its time and cost savings tools. This added a whole new phase of services he could offer his clients and complimented his visual talents and graphic arts training.

A lifelong learning journey for Byron has included; a Graphic Arts program, an Associate Arts Degree in Commercial Photography, and a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Marketing Promotions and Communications, with a Minor in Advertising. Byron Ritter’s broad training and career experience has enabled him to “wear many hats” and adapt to fast arising situations. He is able to think on his feet and be a creative problem solver. Byron looks towards new situations to test his skills and thrive in challenging opportunities.



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